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High performance, High precision, Fully automaticThat's why you should choose Shuochao

Strength01Shuochao has 10 years of experience in the design, development and manufacture of CNC machining equipment

Design, manufacture and sale of CNC equipment, Shuochao equipment in the same industry in a leading position

A collection of research, production and sales in one,Self-made CNC software has won many honorary certificates

The products are exported to dozens of countries and regions, and nearly 2,000 sets (lines) of equipment are sold in Russia, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Mexico, etc.

Technology02Cooperate with Xi'an University of Technology, Shandong University, Jilin University, Harbin University and other 211, 985 colleges and universities for research and development

Built-in compatible operating platform, CAD/CAM can be directly converted into machining programs

Jinan officially recognized as a technical service centre for CNC equipment

Open data port to support enterprise ERP management systems

Service03Non-standard customised CNC equipment with timely
and responsive after-sales support

Provide non-standard customization services for CNC equipment to solve your individual processing needs

Prompt after-sales service response, fast and timely problem solving

1 year warranty Lifetime quality maintenance


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Shuochao CNC – excellent quality, considerate service!

Our company is Anhui Hongyuan Iron Tower Co., Ltd., which mainly provides services of the design, m…【Details】

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Shuochao CNC Equipment Co.,Ltd.

Shuochao CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, development, manufacturing and sales. The company is mainly engaged in the development, manufacturing and sales of CNC drilling, milling, punching, and other electromechanical and hydraulic integrated CNC complete sets of processing equipment...


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General Manager Yang Shanlei

    1. In his early years, he studied the design, manufacturing and production process of CNC equipment in Italy;   2. He has practice and experience in the design of CNC equipment, and is in charg…

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CNC plate drilling machine for many industries has changed the traditional processing mode of plate hole processing, and is the main CNC drilling machine for flange, heat exchanger, tube s……



What are the indicators to measure the quality of a high-speed CNC drilling machine?
The possibility of technology refers to the ability of high-speed CNC drilling to adapt to different production requirements. The general CNC plate drill can process various parts within a certain s……【Detils】
How to check the control circuit of JX angle steel drilling machine from 10 angles
The CNC angle drill is an iron tower production line used for drilling, marking and cutting off angle steel. After the control circuit of the CNC angle drilling machine is installed, the following i……【Detils】
The trolley of the CNC angle steel production line vibrates back and forth and cannot stop. What should we do?
For the CNC angle steel production line that has been used for many years, have you ever encountered the phenomenon of shivering back and forth when someone stops there when sending the trolley? So,……【Detils】
Installation and Adjustment of CJ2016Z Double Bench Gantry Drilling Machine
CJ series double worktable gantry drilling machine is mainly used for drilling plate workpieces in the steel structure industry such as construction, bridge, tower, etc. How to install the gantry dr……【Detils】
CNC stereo garage equipment – brief introduction of welding operation method
CNC stereo garage equipment usually includes CNC 3D drilling machine, CNC plate drilling machine and other equipment. The frame of CNC stereo garage equipment is mostly steel welded structure. We si……【Detils】
Advantages of deep hole drilling
The CNC deep hole drilling machine is mainly used for processing the holes on the tube sheet of the shell and tube heat exchanger used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, thermal power plant, nu……【Detils】
When JX2532 CNC angle steel drilling machine is drilling, what is the cause of missing holes?
In the process of CNC angle steel drilling, there is a missing hole. As long as you know the working principle of the equipment, you can easily analyze it out. The main function of the JX2532 CNC an……【Detils】
How to Select Tools in Deep Hole Drilling
In deep hole processing, whether the iron filings produced by gun drill can be discharged smoothly is the key to the quality of processing. A good shape of iron filings can not only effectively impr……【Detils】
How to operate the CNC 3D drilling machine?
H-beam steel 3D drill is mainly used for drilling and marking processing of H-beam steel, channel steel, angle steel and plate, and is widely used in construction, bridge, tower mast, grid structure……【Detils】
Selection Skills of Punch Die (Bottom Die) for CNC Hydraulic Punching Machine
During the processing of CNC hydraulic punching machine and CNC angle steel production line, improper clearance selection will result in poor punching hole or increased damage to punch and die. The ……【Detils】

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