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JXZ series boiler header tube drilling machine

JXZ Boiler Header Tube Drilling machine is mainly used for drilling the header pipe in the boiler industry.

JXZ Boiler Header Tube Drilling machine is mainly used for drilling the header pipe in the boiler industry.

The welding groove can be processed by using special HSS countersink tool.

Processing technology


Welding Bevel Milling

Welding Bevel Milling







Application cases
Boiler header tube-Boiler Industry

Boiler header tube-Boiler Industry








1.Each gantry is independently driven, and the gantry CNC can be determined according to customer requirements;A single gantry can be used as an independent processing unit to process different workpieces at the same time, or to process the same workpieces online at the same time.

2.The header tube support frame adopts two kinds of lifting support frame and fixed support frame. When rotating, lift the support frame to lift the workpiece, and fall on the fixed support frame during processing to prevent the workpiece from slipping.

3.The imported spindle group with excellent quality is selected, which has super large torque output capacity, and the spindle is in the form of synchronous pulley.

4.The power head of CNC boiler header tube drilling machine is strengthened at the weak link through finite element analysis to make the structure more reasonable.

5.CNC indexing head: it is installed on both ends of the bed, and can be set with X-axis movement. Self-centering chuck is installed on it, which can easily install the workpiece.

6.The CNC system adopts German Siemens 840D or 2 sets of 828D system, and is equipped with RS232 interface and LCD liquid crystal display. The drilling coordinates can be directly converted from CAD/CAM, and it is also equipped with the pre-drilling vacancy rehearsal and recheck function, which is very convenient to operate.

Technical Parameters
Parameter name Item Parameter value
Workpiece Size Workpiece diameter range Φ75-Φ1100(Customizable)
Max. length 12m/Double station,26m/Single station(Customizable)
Drilling diameter range Φ10-Φ100
Drilling head and vertical slide (Z axis) Quantity 2 Pcs
Spindle taper BT50
Max. Drilling diameter Φ100mm
Max. Core drilling diameter Φ200mm
Drilling depth ≤200mm
Spindle speed 30-3000r/min
Spindle motor power 37kW
Gantry longitudinal movement (X-axis) Maximum distance (spindle center) 27m(Customizable)
X-axis travel speed 0-10m/min
Drilling power head (Z-axis) Z-axis travel 800mm/1200mm
Z-axis feed speed 0-5m/min
CNC indexing head (A-axis) Indexing rotation speed (CNC) 0-5r/min
Electrical system CNC system Siemens 828D((Dual system))
Number of CNC axes 4+2 axis

(* Other configurations can be selected according to customer requirements)

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