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Wind Power/Nuclear Power/Pressure Vessel/
Heat Exchanger/Petrochemical
(Flange/Tube Sheet/Ring Gear/Baffle)

With the increasing demand for energy and the strengthening of environmental protection around the world, the promotion and application of energy has become an inevitable trend. Shuochao CNC provides the most productive and cost-effective solutions for wind power, nuclear power, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, petrochemical and other industries.

Our CNC drilling machines are manufactured in strict accordance with industry standards and customer requirements. The machines have long-term and excellent stability.

Wind Power/Nuclear Power: It can provide drilling and milling for wind turbine main shaft, stator, hub, flange, ring gear and other products.

  • Wind Power
  • Nuclear Power
  • Petrochemical
  • Slewing Bearing
  • Tube Sheet
  • Large Flange
Steel structure of building bridge (H-beam)

Steel structure is a necessary material for bridges, three-dimensional garages and other complex structures. The construction of bridges needs to comply with strict rules. The Shuochao engineering team has studied the needs of the industry for many years and developed automation solutions to meet the needs of bridge builders. Three-dimensional CNC drilling machine developed by Shuochao CNC can drilling, sawing, scribing and marking various thickness of H-beams. It provides high-quality solutions for various fields of steel structure, bridge construction, shipyard and construction industry.

  • Bridge
  • Engineering
  • Stereo Garage
Electricity towers (angle steel)

Shuochao CNC angle steel line provides a rapid production solution for all steel structure projects that need fast, high-quality and waste-free in power transmission and transformation and communication industries. For example, in the construction of transmission towers, buildings, railways and bridges, Shuochao CNC angle steel line can realize automatic production from punching (drilling), stamping and cutting of angle steel.

  • Transmission tower
  • Engineering
  • Engineering
  • Angle steel
Boiler (Boiler Drum/ Boiler Header Tube)

A boiler is an energy conversion device that uses hot gas, water, electricity or other means to generate heat and steam, and then the steam generator uses steam to generate energy. Common types of boilers include power station boilers, industrial boilers, and waste heat boilers. We are proud to provide many products and services for the boiler industry. Our boiler drum/boiler header tube CNC drilling machine is used for drilling and welding groove processing of boiler header tube in the boiler industry.

  • Boiler
  • Boiler Header Tube

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