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DJ series CNC corner band sawing machine

DJ series CNC corner band sawing machine is mainly used for sawing H-shaped steel, channel steel, box beam, round steel and other cross sections.

DJ series CNC corner band sawing machine is mainly used for sawing H-shaped steel, channel steel, box beam, round steel and other cross sections.


It has excellent performance, narrow sawing kerf, material saving, high sawing accuracy, high-power cutting, convenient operation, real-time display of processing program and parameter information, intelligent and automatic processing, high production efficiency and other advantages.

Processing technology







Application cases
H beam---Steel Structure

H beam—Steel Structure








1.The CNC corner band sawing machine can use the touch screen to input the workpiece parameters in advance, and the sawing machine will automatically adjust the working process according to the input workpiece parameters; the processing parameter information data can be displayed and monitored in real time by the display screen.


2.The saw frame is welded by square steel pipe and steel plate, which makes the strength and accuracy of the saw frame more stable. The saw frame has the longest durability and good rigidity under the condition of high cutting load and tension of the saw blade. The saw frame is guided and supported by the guide rail, so that the force on the saw frame is basically uniform.


3.The hydraulic servo proportional valve and encoder are used for the feed of the saw frame, which can realize digital feed. For the workpiece, fast feed, slow feed and fast feed can be realized.


4.CNC corner band saw can automatically reduce or increase the sawing feed speed level according to the difference of workpiece specification and material.


5.The rotary table adopts a gantry structure with good rigidity, strong stability and flat sawing section.


6.The band saw blade is hydraulically tensioned. It also maintains good tension during rapid movement, which extends the service life of the saw blade. The user can adjust the pressure according to the size of the steel; and there is also a detection device when the saw blade breaks. If the machine tool has bad conditions or faults, the machine tool automatically senses and stops.


7.To ensure the reliability of the machine operation, the saw blade, guide rail, frequency converter and hydraulic components on the band sawing machine are high-quality products of international famous brands.


8.The production line uses a CNC trolley to feed materials, so that the precise positioning of the workpiece can be achieved.

Technical Parameters
Item Unit DJ1000 DJ1250
Sawing H beam size(not cornering)

(Web height×Flange width)

mm Max.1000×500 Max.1250×600
Min.200×75 Min.200×75
Saw blade specifications mm T:1.6   W:54 T:1.6   W:67
Motor power kW 11 15
Saw blade line speed m/min 20~100 20~100
Sawing feed speed m/min Program control 0~2(Program control)
Bevelling angle Pcs 0°~45° 0°~45°
Worktable height mm About 800 About 800

(* Other configurations can be selected according to customer requirements)

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