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When JX2532 CNC angle steel drilling machine is drilling, what is the cause of missing holes?


In the process of CNC angle steel drilling, there is a missing hole. As long as you know the working principle of the equipment, you can easily analyze it out.

The main function of the JX2532 CNC angle steel drill is to drill holes. Let me break down the drill action for you. After the hole spacing and alignment of the angle steel are in place, the pressing cylinder presses the angle steel, and the selected drill bit starts to feed rapidly. After the drill bit contacts the angle steel, it gives the spindle a backward thrust. This is when there is a fast/slow switch on the spindle feed cylinder side, which means that the drill bit has contacted the workpiece and needs to become a slow work speed. Because of the different designs of different manufacturers, this switch may have some normally open signals and some normally closed signals, but its functions are the same.

It can be directly observed by witness. When the drill bit of the angle steel drill penetrates the angle steel, there is no resistance at the front end of the main shaft, and the feed oil cylinder will snap open suddenly. At this time, the fast slow switch changes from the original sending state to the initial state. The angle steel drilling production line thinks that the hole has been drilled, and the main shaft returns. Through the description of the drilling process, I think we can all understand that if the fast and slow speed change-over switch is not in good contact or sends an abnormal message during the spindle moving forward, it may cause the machine to think that the drilling is completed in advance, and the spindle can be returned, and the next procedure can be executed. This will cause a missing hole. In terms of expansion, the contact of the fast and slow switch itself is good or bad, and the lubrication and galling degree in the guide sleeve of the spindle feed are the causes of the missing holes.

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