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Advantages of deep hole drilling


The CNC deep hole drilling machine is mainly used for processing the holes on the tube sheet of the shell and tube heat exchanger used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, thermal power plant, nuclear power plant and other industries. The maximum diameter of the workpiece can be processed 2500mm, and the maximum drilling depth is 800mm. It has high efficiency and good accuracy. The drilling surface roughness can reach Ra3.2~Ra1.6, and the aperture accuracy can reach IT7~IT9.
Advantages of Shuo Super CNC deep hole drilling machine:
1. Gun drill and BTA drill are used.
2. The X, Y, Z axes of the CNC deep hole drill are guided by imported linear roller guide, which have extremely high bearing capacity and superior dynamic response performance, no clearance, and high motion accuracy.
3. The power head part is strengthened in the weak link through finite element analysis to make the structure more reasonable.
4. It has a variety of detection functions, including:
1) x, Y, Z axes are equipped with grating ruler to monitor whether positioning and feeding are completed accurately and feed back to the system to ensure processing accuracy.
2) Spindle feeding torque detection.
3) Spindle motor torque detection.
4) Flow detection.
5) Pressure detection.
6) Liquid level detection.
7) Temperature detection.
5. The linear guide rail, ball screw, servo motor and its driver, planetary reducer, internal cooling connector, numerical control system, hydraulic pump, valve and other key components configured for the horizontal deep hole drilling machine are all famous brands at home and abroad, so the machine tool has very high reliability, few failures and high startup rate.

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