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CNC stereo garage equipment – brief introduction of welding operation method


CNC stereo garage equipment usually includes CNC 3D drilling machine, CNC plate drilling machine and other equipment. The frame of CNC stereo garage equipment is mostly steel welded structure. We simply understand the operation method of gas welding in the CNC stereo garage.
Three dimensional drilling machine gas welding operation methods are divided into left welding method and right welding method.

In the right welding method, the welding torch moves in front of the welding wire, the torch flame points to the weld, and the flame can cover the entire molten pool, isolating the surrounding air and molten pool. The disadvantage of the right welding method is that it is not easy to master. It has no preheating effect when welding the frame structure of the CNC stereo garage equipment, so it is more suitable for welding thicker parts.

In the left welding method, the torch flame points away from the weld face to the non welded part of the weldment, and the torch follows the welding wire. The rear solidification edge of the molten pool can be clearly seen. The left welding method is easy to master and widely used. The disadvantage is that the weld is easy to oxidize and cool quickly, so it is more suitable for welding the thin plate in the frame of CNC stereo garage equipment.

To sum up, in the frame welding of CNC stereo garage equipment, the left welding method and the right welding method shall be selected according to the thickness of the plate.

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