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Installation and Adjustment of CJ2016Z Double Bench Gantry Drilling Machine


CJ series double worktable gantry drilling machine is mainly used for drilling plate workpieces in the steel structure industry such as construction, bridge, tower, etc. How to install the gantry drilling machine when you buy it home? Do you know this? Now, let’s talk about the installation and debugging of double worktable CNC gantry drilling machine!

1. Foundation preparation
According to the requirements of the foundation drawing of CJ2016Z double worktable gantry drilling machine, and in combination with the actual situation of the user’s workshop layout, the foundation of the CNC gantry drilling machine, including cable trench, shall be well prepared. The embedded anchor bolts shall be leveled and the poured concrete shall be fully hardened.

2. Bed hoisting in place
Due to the high dimension of the CNC gantry drilling machine, the equipment is assembled and debugged in the manufacturer factory. After the preliminary acceptance, the equipment is disassembled and transported. After arriving at the customer’s workshop, the equipment is installed and positioned by using the pre punched positioning pin.

3. Bed leveling
When the bed table of the double table gantry drilling machine is in place, first electrically weld the 8 adjustment plates on the bottom of the bed and the foundation bolt plate, and then adjust the 16 adjustment bolts to level the upper plane and side of the bed table.

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