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Operation principle and selection of CNC plate drilling machine


CNC plate drilling machine for many industries has changed the traditional processing mode of plate hole processing, and is the main CNC drilling machine for flange, heat exchanger, tube sheet processing.


Operation principle of CNC plate drilling machine


1.CNC plate drilling machine is mainly composed of bed, table, gantry, power head, CNC control system, cooling and chip removal system, etc.
2.CNC drilling machine is in the form of a fixed bed and gantry with a moving table.


3.The gantry and bed are welded parts and the working table is cast iron. High temperature annealing is used before machining and semi-finishing is followed by secondary annealing for stress relief before the next finishing step.


4.The CNC plate drilling machine has a total of 3 CNC axes, the bed and gantry beam are fitted with heavy duty linear guide rails, the working table can then move longitudinally along the guide rails (x-axis), the sliding pillow can move laterally along the guide rails (y-axis), the sliding pillow is fitted with blocks, the power head is on the guide rails, and it can move vertically on the sliding pillow (z-axis), the x, y and z axes are all driven by servo motors with ball screws.


5.The spindle BT40 tapered hole can be fitted with a drill or milling cutter through the adaptor, and a tooling cylinder (gas-hydraulic booster) in the spindle box, which makes it easier to change tools. It can also be equipped with an intercooled adaptor for high-speed cutting.


6.On both sides of the working table,2 pcs spiral chip conveyors are fitted for automatic chip removal. The machine is water cooled and equipped with a coolant supply, recovery and circulation filtration


7.The guides and lead screws of x, y axis are equipped with protective covers. The x axis has a steel plate guard, and the y axis is fitted with an organ-style guard.


8.To ensure the reliability of the CNC plate drilling machine, all key components are imported.

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