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Types of CNC drilling machines


CNC drilling machine accuracy is good, several machines can be operated by one person , save time and effort, safety risks are small, is the choice of processing hole parts, so what types of CNC drilling machine are there? This is what you must make clear before you buy a CNC drilling machine, here is an introduction for you.


The following types of CNC drilling machines are available:


1.Table-top CNC drilling machines:small drilling machines that can be placed on a working table, generally with the spindle perpendicular to the working table equipment.


2.Vertical CNC drilling machine: It is a drilling machine in which the spindle box and the worktable are arranged on the column and the spindle is arranged vertically.


3.Rocker arm type CNC drilling machine: The rocker arm can rotate around the column, lift, and and a spindle arranged vertically to perform milling.
4.Gantry CNC drilling machine: The spindle is arranged on the gantry and can be moved left and right. The rocker arm can be fixed on the gantry or locked at any angle. The column can move up and down with high stability.


5.Gantry CNC drilling machine with Rotary table: The structure is the same as that of the gantry CNC drilling machine, with a rotary table, which can be placed either vertically or horizontally, enabling the machining of multiple sides in one clamping.


6.It is recommended that users understand the classification of machine tools before purchasing a CNC drilling machine, and then choose according to the characteristics of the workpiece to be processed.

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