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How to improve the service life of CNC drilling machines


1.When the daily work is finished, first cut off the power supply, in each surface of the CNC drilling machine, each cover, each guide surface, the screw to do no oil, no iron chips, drilling machine appearance clean.


2.Weekly maintenance is required for the cleaning and lubrication of the bed guide surfaces. Usually when the CNC drilling machine runs for a period of time, a maintenance needs to be carried out. Maintenance work is carried out mainly by the operator, in cooperation with the maintenance people. When maintenance is carried out, the power must be cut off first, and then the maintenance is carried out in order.


3.Maintenance of the knife holder.


4.Maintenance of the tailstock.


5.Maintenance of the lubrication system.


6.Maintenance of electrical appliances.


7.Maintenance of appearance.Firstly, clean the surface and cover of the CNC drilling machine to keep its interior and exterior clean and free from oil and dirt. Next, check and make up the screws and handles. After cleaning and wiping, all parts are lubricated as necessary. The key thing to note when maintaining the machine is that the power must be cut off and then the maintenance must be carried out in accordance with the steps.

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