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Daily maintenance of CNC plate drilling machine


hrough the use of CNC plate drilling machine, People should know more or less how to maintain the drilling machine, but also know that the usual maintenance of the drilling machine is very important to the life of the machine. Now we share with you some of the daily maintenance precautions for CNC plate drilling machines:


1.The equipment operator should have an in-depth understanding of the maintenance points of the equipment, and regularly maintain the equipment according to the instruction manual;


2.The operator should add hydraulic oil to the oil tank in a timely manner, so that the oil volume is not less than 80 liters, and the hydraulic oil in the tank should be replaced once a year;


3.The operator must check whether the oil pump pressure is at the set pressure and adjust it if there is any change. The air filter on the oil tank must be cleaned at least once a year;


4.The equipment should try to use the coolant with better rust resistance, and the operator must replenish the coolant in the water tank in time to keep the capacity at about 200 liters;


5.The operator must regularly fill the mechanical transmission parts of the equipment with lubricating oil according to the requirements of the operating instructions, so that the transmission parts work normally;


6.The mechanics and electricians must regularly check and maintain the equipment in accordance with the requirements of the operating instructions to ensure normal operation;


7.In the event of a malfunction, the equipment must be stopped immediately and inspected and maintained by professional mechanics and electricians before being operated with the consent of the professionals;


8.Do not disassemble the various parts of the equipment at will.


These are the daily maintenance precautions for CNC plate drilling machines, I hope they will help you in your usual use, so that you can have a better understanding of the machine and help you extend the life of the machine.

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