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Shuochao CNC – excellent quality, considerate service!

Our company is Anhui Hongyuan Iron Tower Co., Ltd., which mainly provides services of the design, manufacturing, installation, maintenance and technical consulting services of transmission and transformation engineering towers, communication towers (angle steel and steel pipe), steel structures, steel and building materials sales, and hot-dip galvanizing processing; Equipment leasing and technical services. The company has an existing production capacity of 160000 tons/year (including 40000 tons/year for steel tube towers and 120000 tons/year for angle steel towers and other steel structure products). In 2009, the company completed an output value of nearly 110000 tons, an output value of 1.02 billion yuan, and a profit of 101 million yuan. It has achieved a historic breakthrough in the “double ten” of output and output value. At present, the products are sold in all provinces, cities and autonomous regions except Tibet and Taiwan. Our iron tower equipment is provided by Ji’nan Shuochao CNC. After years of cooperation, we are very satisfied with the quality and after-sales service of Shuochao CNC equipment. Facts have proved that it is correct to choose their iron tower equipment such as angle steel line, angle steel drill, hydraulic punching machine, etc. Shuochao CNC has won our trust with their excellent quality and considerate service, and we are relieved to cooperate with them.

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