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Shuochao – after-sales service is prompt and effective!

Our company is China Nineteenth Metallurgical Group Co., Ltd, which is the only large comprehensive construction enterprise with the ability to construct the whole process from mining to type and plate metallurgy in China. The company has the qualification of steel structure professional contracting special grade, electromechanical installation engineering general contracting grade 2, highway roadbed, furnace, pipeline professional contracting grade 1, bridge professional contracting grade 2, foreign economic cooperation business qualification and import and export enterprise qualification certificate, and has passed the international certification of quality management, occupational health and safety and environmental management “three standards in one”. The credit rating of the company is AAA grade. In recent years, we have been awarded the provincial quality and safety standard demonstration enterprise, the national engineering quality trustworthy enterprise, and the provincial contract-keeping and creditworthy enterprise for 10 consecutive years. On this basis, in 2003, it was also recommended by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce as a national contract-observing and credit-worthy enterprise. We choose Ji’nan Shuochao CNC angle steel processing line equipment, focusing on the technical advantages of Shuochao CNC, to provide advanced and reliable equipment; we also attach great importance to the after-sales service of CNC equipment, Ji’nan Shuochao CNC after-sales service is very timely and effective, fast response time, effective solutions, for the smooth completion of our production tasks to provide a strong guarantee!

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