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How to operate the CNC 3D drilling machine?


H-beam steel 3D drill is mainly used for drilling and marking processing of H-beam steel, channel steel, angle steel and plate, and is widely used in construction, bridge, tower mast, grid structure and other industries. It has the characteristics of high precision, easy operation, etc. It is an essential and efficient equipment for quality assurance in steel structure manufacturing.


Jinan CNC 3D drill manufacturer Shuochao CNC often receives inquiries from friends about how your CNC 3D drill works? Can operators without operating experience use it? The following is an example of SWZ1000 CNC 3D drilling machine to sort out the operation and processing process:


①The operator can put three to five pieces of raw materials on the horizontal material table of the three-dimensional drilling machine through the crane, and transfer them to the feed rail of the numerical control three-dimensional drilling machine through the drive chain of the horizontal material table;


②Operate the side pushing device button of the feeding channel to push the workpiece to the side positioning reference, so that the workpiece is close to the side positioning reference;


③By adjusting the high and low position of the clamping jaws of the CNC trolley, the workpiece is clamped and the trolley automatically feeds materials;


④The trolley will send the workpiece to the host part of the numerical control three-dimensional drilling machine, and automatically locate the drilling position according to the program requirements.The numerical control three-dimensional drilling machine will clamp the workpiece through side pressing and loading pressing, and start automatic drilling processing;


⑤After drilling, the CNC trolley sends out the 3D drilling machine host. After loosening the clamp, the electric Kun wheel at the discharge side of the 3D CNC drilling machine automatically lifts up to transfer the workpiece to the discharge channel. At the same time, the clamping rod of the CNC trolley will automatically lift up and back to the set starting point of the trolley to process the next material.

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