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CJ series hydraulic punching machine for plates helps users to innovate continuously


CJ series hydraulic punching machine for sheet metal is referred to as “hydraulic punching machine”. It is a sheet metal punching processing equipment with the characteristics of fast punching frequency, large punching force and high processing efficiency. This hydraulic punching machine is widely used in power transmission and transformation, power transmission and transformation towers, steel structures and other industries.

CJ110 CNC hydraulic punching machine has a reinforced C-shaped steel plate welding structure. After tempering and aging treatment, it has a long service life and does not deform the body. This hydraulic punching machine uses a cylinder body to act and the piston is fixed. The punching force is increased to 110 tons. Eight pairs of quenched steel plates and copper plates are used around the cylinder body of the plate hydraulic punching machine as sliding guides. The fitting clearance is accurately controlled during the assembly process, making the guiding surface larger and more reliable, Reduce the eccentric load borne by the internal seals of the oil cylinder during punching, make the punching movement more stable, improve the running stability of the equipment, extend the life of the oil cylinder itself and the seals, and effectively improve the stability and reliability.

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