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How to Select Tools in Deep Hole Drilling


In deep hole processing, whether the iron filings produced by gun drill can be discharged smoothly is the key to the quality of processing. A good shape of iron filings can not only effectively improve the aperture size accuracy, surface finish, straightness, etc., but also greatly benefit the tool life. On the contrary, if the iron filings cannot be discharged smoothly due to their bad shape, it will lead to the serious consequences that the processing cannot continue, or even the gun drill will break.


When machining deep holes with a diameter of less than 5mm in the guide excircle shape for materials with small size or extremely difficult chip breaking, not only should the drill angle be sharpened according to the above description, but also a longitudinal chip breaking groove can be opened on the gun drill tool head along the cutting edge direction to make the iron chips smaller, which is conducive to the discharge of iron chips.


The Shuochao CNC deep hole drill is mainly used for processing the holes on the tube sheets of shell and tube heat exchangers used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, thermal power plants, nuclear power plants and other industries. The maximum diameter of the workpiece can be processed, and the maximum drilling depth is 8o0mm. It is not only high in processing efficiency, but also exquisite in structure, convenient in use and simple in maintenance. It can be said that it is an ideal and efficient equipment for deep hole processing of tubesheet!

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