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3D drilling machines promote more efficient H-beam processing


The 3D drilling machine is an important equipment for the processing of steel H-beams and channels. The 3D drilling machine can be used in the steel structure industry such as construction, bridges, power station boilers, stereo garages, offshore oil well platforms and tower masts.


The 3D drilling machine can complete the processing of all holes in a group of holes on H-beams, ensuring that holes not in the same section of the workpiece can also be processed at the same time, greatly improving the positioning accuracy and efficiency of the holes in the group of holes.


In recent years, The 3D CNC drilling machines have been rapidly promoted and popularised in the steel construction industry, while the advantages of 3D CNC drilling machines are also more prominent. The 3D CNC drilling machine does not require manual setting of the effective length of the drill bit and the thickness of the workpiece to be drilled, and is able to automatically perform a fast forward and a work forward and a fast backward conversion. Automatic generation of machining programs, truly paperless processing of the machine.


1.Higher intelligence, 1 person can complete the entire operation of the CNC 3D drilling machine, saving a lot of manpower.
2.3D CNC drilling machines produce workpieces with higher accuracy and 3-5 times higher processing efficiency than ordinary drilling machines.
3.The simplicity of operation allows even inexperienced people to easily master the entire operation process of the 3D CNC drilling machine, saving a lot of time to familiarise themselves with the operation process of the machine.
4.The workpiece is fed by a CNC trolley to ensure the longitudinal position accuracy of the drilled holes.
5.To ensure the accuracy and reliability of the machine, the key parts of this production line are made of international big brands.

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