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Application of angle steel pinching line in power tower industry


Shuochao CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. is a relatively early manufacturer in the CNC angle punching line industry, and the angle punching line equipment produced so far has been sold both at home and abroad and has a high reputation in the industry.


CNC angle steel pinching line is a kind of tower processing equipment used for the production of angle steel towers in the power transmission and communication industry, and also for the steel marking, punching and cutting process of angle steel components in the construction industry, railway and bridge projects.Because it can combine several functions such as punching steel, punching and Cutting several functions, also known as CNC angle steel joint production line. In the tower processing equipment, there are two main processing methods used in the hole making process, one is punching and the other is drilling, which is distinguished from the CNC angle drilling production line, which is also usually referred to as the CNC angle punching production line.


The angle steel wire realizes multi-variety and multi-aperture punching, which basically meets the processing technology requirements of various types of iron towers with a wing width of less than 140mm. Compared with the traditional angle steel processing technology, the use of CNC iron tower processing equipment can greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers , shorten auxiliary work time, improve work efficiency and machining accuracy.

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