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CNC drilling machines are widely used in petrochemical boiler refrigeration and other industries


Tube sheets are widely used in petrochemical, boiler, refrigeration, turbine and other industries, and tube sheet processing is an important process in the manufacture of heat exchangers, which occupies a very important position in the production of heat exchangers. The accuracy of the tube sheet processing, especially the tube hole spacing and tube diameter tolerance, perpendicularity, and finish greatly affect the assembly and performance of the heat exchanger. The large tube sheet is characterised by a large number of tube holes, dense, small and deep apertures, and high requirements for accuracy and finish.


Traditional tube sheet processing methods
Although the processing technology of each manufacturer is slightly different, in general, it is nothing more than draw a line (because the drawn line is in a grid shape, called grid line), proofing and punching points, and drilling small holes with a small drill, and then formally drill. If the hole wall surface finish is required to be high, a dumpling hole is also required, and finally the corner is chamfered. To analyze this process, let’s talk about scribing first. If it is a standard tube sheet (honeycomb), it is okay to say, if the graphics are complicated, scribing will be very troublesome. Speaking of drilling, the operator drills a hole with a radial arm, adjusts the positioning of the radial arm, then drops the drill bit, and then lifts the bit to re-adjust the positioning of the radial arm. Drilling a hole requires several actions, and the labor intensity of the operator is relatively high. low efficiency. All in all, the traditional tube sheet processing method is low in precision, time-consuming and labor-intensive, making tube sheet processing a bottleneck in the entire production process. When it comes to tube sheet processing, people frown.


Advanced Tube sheet Processing Methods
In fact, one of the main problems that restrict the processing of tube sheets is the equipment. In traditional tube sheet processing, the radial drill is its main equipment. Due to its manual operation characteristics, the operation method is relatively fixed and it is difficult to have the potential to explore. Although it is possible to improve efficiency by using drilling dies and other methods, this does not solve the fundamental problem. Only by thinking in terms of equipment can the problem be solved at its root.


Foreign pipe hole processing has been commonly used multi-axis CNC drilling machine, no longer use the radial drill, CNC plate drilling machine can replace manual scribing, drilling, can greatly improve processing accuracy and efficiency. China has also begun to realize the localization of this type of drilling machine in recent years, but most manufacturers of products, the bed is small (2m ~ 3m), the spindle (1 or two) is not much.


Cannot process large tube sheets. It cannot completely replace imported products. Therefore, for the requirements of high precision processing of large tube sheet (more than 7m), can only go abroad to process. And imported CNC machine tools, expensive, long installation cycle, not easy to maintain. People urgently need domestic machine tool manufacturers to produce super-large CNC drilling machine to meet the needs of tube sheet processing manufacturers.



Jinan Shuochao CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer dedicated to the development and production of CNC machine tools. Since the successful development of the first super-large CNC drilling machine, the technology has become more and more mature and has produced dozens of super-large CNC drilling machines, which are distributed all over the Country. Some customers have purchased several super large CNC drilling machines from Shuochao at one time. This CNC drilling machine, with its power head gantry moving structure and multiple spindles (2 to 12 spindles), allows the user to choose the size of the working table and the number of spindles at the time of order. The maximum size of the workpiece can be processed up to 12m x 12m, with automatic CAD/CAM conversion programs for CNC drilling, reaming, dumpling, chamfering and other processes. This eliminates the need for manual scribing and the need for manual drilling, making a qualitative leap in tube sheet processing technology. The processing accuracy and production efficiency have been greatly improved. Because of its high efficiency, work that used to take a month to complete can now be completed in a few days. This has completely eliminated the bottleneck of the tube sheet in the entire production process.

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