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Difficulties in machining stainless steel workpieces on CNC drilling machines


CNC drilling machine is the main CNC equipment for processing stainless steel flanges at this stage, and the drill bit is an important factor.Finding the right drill bit is what will make the stainless steel flange processing twice as successful. Before choosing a drill bit, take a look at what is the difficult point when machining stainless steel work pieces? By identifying the difficult points,you will be able to find the drill used in CNC flat drilling machines very accurately and very quickly.


What are the difficulties in processing stainless steel flanges?


1.Easy to stick to the knife: stainless steel processing chip tough, cutting temperature is very high. When the tough chip flow through the front tool surface, will produce bonding, fusion welding and other sticky phenomenon, affecting the surface roughness of the processed parts.


2.Machining hardening is serious: austenitic stainless steel and some high-temperature alloy stainless steel are austenitic organization, cutting machining hardening tendency is large, usually several times the ordinary carbon steel, the tool cutting in the machining hardening area, so that tool life is shortened.


3.Large cutting force and high cutting temperature: The type of material strength, cutting tangential stress, plastic deformation, and thus cutting force. In addition, the thermal conductivity of the material is very poor, resulting in higher cutting temperatures, and high temperatures are often concentrated in the narrow area near the cutting edge of the tool, thereby accelerating the wear of the tool.


4.Fast tool wear: The above materials generally contain high melting point elements, high plasticity, high cutting temperature, so that tool wear accelerated, sharpening, frequent tool changes, thus affecting productivity and increasing the cost of tool use.

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