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Professional manufacturer of CNC 3D drilling machine


CNC 3D drilling machine is an important numerical control equipment in section steel processing enterprises, which aims to improve production efficiency and accuracy and reduce labor costs. CNC 3D drilling machine is widely used in steel structure industries such as steel structures, buildings, bridges, power stations, oil well platforms, stereoscopic garages, towers and masts, and is especially suitable for drilling on three sides of H-beam steel, channel steel, and box girder.


Shuochao CNC 3D drilling machine can realize the direct conversion of CAD/CAM, thus eliminating the tedious operation of programming and input, automatically generating processing programs, and truly achieving paperless processing of equipment; Each drilling spindle box is formed by hydraulic automatic control, which can automatically perform fast forward – work in – fast backward conversion; ball screw, linear guide rail, electrical parts, servo motor, frequency converter, etc. are all famous brands at home and abroad.

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