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How to realize the marking function of 3D CNC drilling machine on H-beam?


SWZ series CNC 3D drilling machines produced by Jinan Shuochao are also called 3D CNC drills, 3D drills for section steel, 3D drills for garage, and 3D drills for H-beam steel. It is mainly used for drilling and marking processing of H-beam steel, channel steel, angle steel and plates, and is widely used in buildings, bridges, towers, masts, grid structures and other industries. It has the characteristics of high precision and easy operation. CNC three-dimensional drilling machine is an essential and efficient equipment for quality assurance in steel structure manufacturing. Many friends are concerned about the marking function of SWZ series CNC 3D drills, so this function is described as follows:


1.Process: First, install the scriber on the spindle quick change joint, and push the scriber to the position where the workpiece web or flange needs to be marked through the power head feed shaft (servo motor feed). Move the workpiece to achieve the marking along the length direction of the workpiece, and move the power head to achieve the marking along the section direction of the workpiece.


2. Each moving axis of the 3D NC drilling machine is controlled by a servo motor, so the marking is clear, the operation is simple, and the accuracy is high.


The marking function can use a special marking device (three sets of SWZ series 3D CNC drilling machines, one set for each power head). Customers can also use a simple marking pen, which has good machine compatibility.


The marking function of 3D NC drilling machine is automatic. When programming, only relevant instructions need to be programmed into the workpiece program, and the system can automatically complete the marking function at the specified position.


This function is applicable to SWZ700 CNC 3D drill, SWZ1250 CNC 3D drill and SWZ1000 CNC 3D drill produced by Jinan Shuochao CNC Company.

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