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How to eliminate the internal stress in the welding structure of gantry mobile plate drilling gantry?


Shuochao CNC adopts the following aging methods for gantry mobile CNC drilling machine: thermal aging, vibration aging, natural aging, static overload aging, thermal impact aging, etc., which can be used for post welding stress relief annealing, overall furnace feeding, or local flame baking annealing. If the welding area is very small, hammering can also be used to remove internal stress.


Natural aging (NSR) is to place the workpiece in the open air for a long time (generally up to about six months to one year), release the residual stress by using the seasonal change of ambient temperature and the time effect. Under the overload caused by temperature stress, the residual stress will be relaxed to stabilize the dimensional accuracy.


Thermal aging (TSR) is to slowly and evenly heat the components from room temperature (or no higher than 150 ℃) to about 550 ℃, keep them warm for 4~8 hours, and then strictly control the cooling rate to less than 150 ℃ for discharging, so as to eliminate residual stress, ensure the processing accuracy and prevent cracks.


Vibration stress relief (VSR), also known as vibration stress relief method, refers to the vibration treatment of workpieces (including castings, forgings, welding components, etc.) for several minutes to tens of minutes at their natural frequencies to apply additional stress to the workpieces in the form of vibration. When the additional stress and residual stress are superposed and reach or exceed the yield limit of materials, the workpieces will undergo micro or macro plastic deformation, thereby reducing and homogenizing the residual stress in the workpieces, a method to stabilize the dimensional accuracy. This process has the characteristics of less energy consumption, short time and remarkable effect.

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