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JX20 CNC angle steel punching production line for tower industry


In the industry of tower CNC complete processing equipment, Shuochao CNC, a manufacturer of angle steel line, has been taking an innovative road since its establishment in 2005. From CNC angle steel line to high-speed angle steel drilling machine, it provides angle steel processing equipment for users in the tower industry.

The worktable of JX2020 CNC angle steel punching production line adopts forging process and is processed by high hardness modulation, which extends the service life and operation reliability of the equipment; The CNC angle steel line includes a cutting unit, and there are two cutting methods, double edge and single edge for users to choose; The punching unit of the angle steel line adopts three groups of air cylinders for automatic quick mold change device, which can automatically realize the processing of three different apertures on the same workpiece by feeding materials at one time.

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